Septic Treat Septic Tank Treatment

It is a known fact the problems plumbing professionals face with drain lines and septic systems caused by fats, oils and greases (FOG) that obstructs and eventually clog the system.

Septic Treat Septic Tank Treatment is a unique combination of naturally occurring micro-organisms that feeds on the fats, oils and greases and eliminates them from the septic system.

How the product works?

Septic Treat Septic Tank Treatment is a natural biological product consisting of high enzyme producing micro organisms that are in a dormant state until it gets into contact with water inside your septic system and drain lines.

Once active, these micro-organisms will multiply and digest the waste to eliminate foul odours, reduce the organic build-up inside the pipes, tank and drain field.


No more expensive pump-outs
No more expensive pump-outs



Eliminates foul odour from the septic system

Restores the biologic health of the septic system without the use of harmful chemicals

Keep the septic system cleaner with less undigested waste carried over into the drain field

Reduces the possibility of contaminating the water table with harmful disease causing pathogens

Reduced pump outs that is a huge finacial saving for the consumer

Environmentally friendly and bio degradeble