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CLEY Trading supply re-sellers across South Africa under the Septic Treat product range with high quality, cost effective products that ranges from the upkeep of septic tanks, stain removal additives for laundry detergents to the control of bad odours emitted from toilets, basins and drain lines.

The majority of our products are environmentally friendly and are safe to use with septic tanks.

The ideal re-sellers are hardware stores, general dealers, flea market and home traders.



The product is a high enzyme based, modern day household detergent resistant product suitable for the upkeep of septic tanks, the feed and drain lines.

The ideal client is B&B’s, lodges, farms, small holdings and smaller towns where the sewer mains are not connected to the municipal mains.

Once the product comes into contact with water, the enzymes that is in a dormant state will become active, multiply and over time, digest the FOG (fats, oils and greases) and TOC (total organic carbons) that is toilet tissue and human waste.

The advantages of a monthly maintenance schedule include the following:

  1. The septic system health will be restored.
  2. No more overflowing and smelly tanks and drain fields.
  3. No more clogged drain fields.
  4. Less undigested waste carried over into the drain field.
  5. Less chances of harmful disease causing pathogens contaminating the water table.
  6. Less pump outs that are a huge financial saving for the final consumer.

SEPTIC TREAT SEPTIC TANK TREATMENT is sold in quantities of 10x100g packets at a cost of R20 each.

The ideal selling price is between R30-40 per packet, depending on your target market and geographical location.


OXiMAXX is a white powder, that once it comes into contact with water, will generate oxygen and hydrogen peroxide that improves the function of household laundry detergents. OXiMAXX is similar to other leading products on the market that assist with stain removal on clothing.

OXiMAXX can also be used to break down fatty deposits in pots and pans, keep the drain lines clear, remove mould form showers and can also be used as a general household cleaner to name just a few uses.

OXiMAXX is sold in 1Kg poly bags at a cost of R35 each. The minimum quantity per purchase is 5 bags.


Our cistern blocks differ from other types that are available on the market. Our cistern blocks consist of a unique combination of cleaning agents that is septic tank safe, suited for slow draining lines.

The other unique aspects of our cistern blocks are that they do not mask the foul odour from the toilet bowl, but the active ingredients will actually eliminate the cause.

Every time the toilet is flushed, the cleaning agents will eliminate the foul odours, clean the bowl and over time, improve the flow rate of the outlet pipe.

To use, simply remove the block from the plastic wrapper and drop into the cistern. Replace when the water turns clear after flushing.

Each cistern block is sold for R25 each with a minimum quantity of 10 cistern blocks.


The rim block are similar as the cistern blocks, but is fitted on the toilet rim.

Each rim block is sold for R20 each with a minimum of 10 rim blocks.


CLEY Trading is prepared to advertise the re-seller on the Septic Treat website as well as in Facebook groups applicable to your area of operation. No advertising will done without the re-sellers consent.

Payment Terms

All orders are strictly COD, no order will be shipped or collected before payment is made in full.


All orders are strictly ex works.

For smaller orders less than 10kg, and for regions where couriers do not frequently deliver, the courier service that PEP stores provide can be used.

The tracking number will be provided and the password forwarded once it arrives at your selected PEP node.

For a detailed breakdown of the pricing, please click here.

Note: no liquids may be sent with the PEP Stores courier service.

Contact Us

We can be contacted by any of the following methods during business hours:

Contact number: 072 148 7814